Teen Titans Go! To The Movies DVD Review

Release: 26th November 2018
Cert: PG
Format: BR / DVD / DGTL

It seems like all the super heroes are getting their own movies – everyone but the Teen Titans, that is! Determined to be a star, Robin vows to change this. If only they could get Hollywood director Jade Wilson (Kristen Bell) to notice them! With a few madcap ideas and musical numbers (of course), the Teen Titans head to Tinseltown. But when Super-Villain Slade (Will Arnett) messes with their plans, the Teen Titans will have to become true super heroes to save the world!

Apparently, there is a corner in the market for intensely weird well animated satire. Who knew! Well according to the onslaught of LEGO Movies, whatever Small Foot was, a brewing Space Jam sequel and Teen Titans Go!; Warner Bros animation knew ALL about it.

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is like a rabid cross between Deadpool and Family Guy, only aimed at the Cartoon Network demographic. Based on the hugely popular TV show of the same(ish) name, Teen Titans Go! swaggers in to its cinematic outing with so much confidence and panache, you’d almost forgive it for not arriving years ago in place of….well anything in a cape that Warners has put out post-Christopher Nolan. Bubbling over with catchy tunes, machine gun paced jokes and central cast of utterly delightful and woefully aggravating characters, Teen Titans Go! is the pixie stick sugar rush of family movies. Here is a film that quite literally has dancing unicorns, cosmic colours and guitar playing polar bears. It has shouting, screaming, explosions, crying, several people talking at once and a infant Superman shaking his bare arse. Nicholas Cage is in it, for crying out loud, and he is the most normal thing about it. Shakespeare this is not, but it is a damn fun light show.

But put all this eccentricity aside and what are you left with? Oddly enough the film stands up based on plot alone. It makes more sense that anything in the Justice League and has more of an emotional payoff that whatever Batman vs Superman was supposed to be. In fact, Teen Titans Go! has such an irreverent sense of its lineage that at one point it even goes so far as to poke fun at its own live action counterparts. Make no mistake, this is not Pixar level storytelling, but compared to most kids films outside of the Mouse House, this is the Monsters Inc of its field.

The film is not all plain sailing, however, as an ever mounting third act lays waste to the film’s own sense of irony in an effort to make good on attempt to be a legitimate action adventure. Many of the jokes are a flash in the pan, but Will Arnett’s Slade sticks around for the entire film without ever changing a note. The constant noise, lights and insanity will definitely be a turn off for some and could prove to be a tad irritating upon multiple viewings. But it is rare that a film feels so much like the spirit of multiple generations in one helping, and Teen Titans Go To The Movies resonates with adults reliving their 80’s fueled childhood as it does with the current pre-pubescent audience. Best of all, it doesn’t do so in the “this is for the adults” way that other family films settle with. Instead here is a film that somehow manages to make all of its joke relatable and genuinely enjoyable for all demographics simultaneously. And that is something worth applauding, even if it does relate to a song about shaking your bum in 3D.

Film Grade: B

Special Features:

Some animatics. Lame! But you do get a digital copy of the film.

Special Features Grade: E


Equal parts genius and chaos, this will drive you insane with curiosity…and maybe even push you in to buying a Michael Bolton album. Shame about the minimal treatment with special features.

NOTE: If you wish to purchase Teen Titans Go! To The Movies on blu-ray, and experience all that has to offer, then you will find this presentation of the film exclusively at HMV.

Overall Grade: C

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