Peter Rabbit Blu-Ray Review

Release: 23rd July 2018
Cert: PG
Format: BR / DVD / DGTL

In Peter Rabbit, the mischievous and adventurous hero who has captivated generations of readers now takes on the starring role of his own contemporary comedy. In the film, Peter’s feud with Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) escalates to greater heights than ever before as their fight to gain control of McGregor’s coveted vegetable garden and the affections of the warm-hearted animal lover who lives next door (Rose Byrne) extends to the Lake District and London.

It seems counterproductive to devote 500 words or so to expressing my utter hatred of Peter Rabbit. This is clearly not a film aimed at people in their 30’s, or even families with low standards of entertainment. Here is a film so obviously marketed towards the undiscerning single digit sprogs of today, that it would be fitting to hear their opinion on it. So I sat my 5-year old son down and asked him a few questions about Peter Rabbit.

What did you think of the movie?

It was cool because the rabbits can make traps and all that.


What was the best bit in the whole movie?

It was at the end, where a man touched the door, and the man and the lady flipped over the wood.


What made this a good movie?

The rabbits doing tricks.


What did you enjoy most about the movie?

The fighting and the silly animals. Remember when he got that pin on his bottom, “ahhh!”.


Who was your favourite character?

Peter Rabbit. He was good at sneaking in to Mr. McGreggor’s garden. And he might kill you, and make a rabbit pie!


Who would like the movie?



Anyone else?

Leila, Ava, Tommy, Jamie. All children.


What about me and mummy?

….maybe. And maybe nanny.


If you had to pick another movie that Peter Rabbit is as good as, what would you choose?

The Incredibles 2. And….Coco. And Isle of Dogs.




If you had to choose between Coco or Peter Rabbit which would you choose?



Would you like to see a Peter Rabbit 2.

Yeah! They might make one! They could make Peter Rabbit’s mummy and daddy not dead.


If you had to give Peter Rabbit a mark out of 5. With 1 being rubbish and 5 being amazing. What would you give it?

I can’t. I have to do it out of 10. I give it 10 out of 10.

Film Grade: 10/10

Special Features:

A few throw away odds and sods. Nothing of note, except for some extra hideousness in the form of a short film.

Special Features Grade: D-


If my son is to be believed, this is up there with the great modern works of family cinema. He is 5 though, and very wrong.

Overall Grade: E

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