Get Santa DVD Review


Release: 2nd November 2015
Cert: U
Format: BR / DVD

Festive comedy starring Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall and Warwick Davis. When nine-year-old Tom (Kit Connor) discovers that Santa Claus (Broadbent) has crashed his sleigh into his parent’s garden shed he tries to get his dad Steve (Spall) to help him get Santa home to Lapland in time for Christmas. There is just one problem: Santa’s reindeer have escaped and are running wild through the streets of London. The cast also includes Jodie Whittaker, Stephen Graham and Nonso Anozie. 

From Christopher Smith, the director of some half decent horror films, comes a horrifically indecent half Christmas film.

Get Santa is like stale eggnog and ugly wrapping paper; it makes you feel unwell and hurts your eyes. From its rushed opening to its ill plotting to its mind numbing dialogue, Get Santa represents some of the lamest festive cinema you’re ever likely to witness. What makes matters worse is that there isn’t a shred of Christmas spirit in sight! Britain doesn’t have the easy-peasy warmth of Hollywood cinema when it comes to the Christmas season, but films such as Love Actually, The Holiday, Millions and the ever deteriorating Nativity! trilogy managed to bring some ho-ho-ho. Hell, this is the country that invented Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman! Yet somehow, Get Santa feels like December 25th distilled through Mike Leigh. Except, at least Leigh’s version of events would have been depressing on purpose.

The film has a who’s who of emerging British talent peppered throughout, and they are all very game (Jim Broadbent more than any). But with little character to chew on, the cast simply gurn and stumble about, like they’re in a bad episode of something from children’s TV. At one point, Broadbent’s dialogue is reduced to a series of falling noises. You’d never have guessed this was a film produced by Ridley Scott!

A couple of jokes land, and the eventual journey to Elf Town is mildly spirited. But no one can be forgiven for stealing other’s jokes. And once you’ve see Broadbent and Warick Davis recreate a word-for-word take on the ‘angry elf’ scene from the immensely superior Will Ferrell film Elf; you’d be forgiven for turning the film off and burning the disc. A lump of coal for you, Christopher Smith!

Film Grade: E+

Special Features:
Nothing. A big fat zero. Seems Santa isn’t in a very giving mood this Holiday season.

Special Features Grade: F

Give my Cliff Richard! Give me the Hallmark channel! Give me brussel sprouts! Give me anything for Christmas except this film!

Overall Grade: E


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