Entourage Blu-Ray Review


Release: 26th October 2015
Cert: 15
Format: BR / DVD / DGTL

While hanging with pals Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), movie star Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) gets a phone call from Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), his former agent, who now runs a major studio. Ari offers Vince the leading role in his first production, but the actor insists on also directing the film. Things get out of hand when the $100 million flick goes over budget, leaving Ari, Vince and the boys at the mercy of the cutthroat world of Hollywood.


This review comes with a foreword. I have never seen, nor after watching this film do I wish to see, the HBO television show Entourage. One can only assume that various elements of the film are there to appease the fanboy crowd. If not, then what I write should stand as a warning to everyone.

Wow! Entourage is a special kind of awful. It feels like someone responsible for the American Pie franchise got to make a project that Robert Altman had left unfinished. If one were to be generous; the base story of the film is actually quite good. I’d imagine that in the writer’s room; through the haze of bong smoke, under a stack of porno magazines somewhere, was probably once a half decent first draft. Then THIS film got made and basically ended up as a grotesque, cheese-filled, frat house audition tape. To save you the time and displeasure of watching Entourage, here is the format; luxury goods – booty – cameo – hugs – drugs / alcohol – sex – cameo – films – phone calls – Ari Gold – rinse and repeat.

The one thing everyone and their dog knows about the Entourage ‘brand’ is that its bread and butter is foul mouthed super agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). Watching the film, it is not hard to see why. With the rest of the cast likely needing their pulse checked between takes, Piven blusters around the frame like the spiritual cousin of The Thick of It’s Malcolm Tucker. He is unpleasant, cruel and outright foul. But unlike the rest of the characters in the film, Gold actually has some positive traits as well, such as loyalty and a sense of comedic timing. His character has something to do other the just exist within the film, and even finds time to carve some memorable moments. Haley Joel Osment seems to be enjoying his pseudo-return to acting, and Rhonda Rousey does that thing she did in her last few roles; she plays Rhonda Rousey.

So, if like a trainee veterinarian, you don’t mind shifting through mounds of horse crap for little reward, then I hope you enjoy the movie. But for the rest of you, might I recommend Pee-wee’s Big Adventure; it has more substance.

Film Grade: E-

Special Features:
Not available at time of going to press. But they include;

–The Gang – Still Rockin’ It
–Hollywood, Baby!
–The Making of Hyde
–Deleted Scenes
–Gag Reel
–Meet the Newest Member of Entourage
–Lucas Ellin is Jonah Gold



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